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Welcome to my new chess web site here in
Iron King Technologies.

Take a look around and see what there is to explore.


  1. LSCA WoodPusher OnLine
    The Upper Peninsula of Michigan's news and information site that provides up to date chess activities.
  2. This Week In Chess
    This is one of the best OnLine chess resources.
  3. Planet Chess
  4. Chess Cafe
    This site includes the Botvinnik Archives of games.
  5. Hindu News
    An excellent site for up to date Chess articles on world-wide events.
Associations and clubs:

U.S. Chess Federation OnLine

Canadian Chess Federation

Lake Superior Chess Association

Michigan Chess Association

Wisconsin Chess Association

Illinois Chess Association


Here are some other great chess sites on the Internet.

  1. Chesslinks Worldwide
    This is probably the best site index on the internet for chess related information. Take a look and you might find what you are looking for.
  2. Chess Space
    This is an outstanding index of chess sites on the Internet. It is very complete in the number of sites listed, and is very well organized.
Chess Archives:

The Internet Chess Library
This is a large database of games and pictures. Also the home of the Free Internet Chess Club.

Internet Chess Archives
This site can be a big help to improve the playing ability of all chessplayers.
FIDE World Chess Championship
1996 World Chess Olympiad
Written By: Justin Ceterski | Updated: 1/1/97