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Hi! Welcome to Justin Ceterski's Home page

Hello, welcome to my homepage. I am a 15 year old sophomore, and I enjoy working with computers and the internet. I am putting this web page together to express my intrests and hobbies. This web page will bring some of the Upper Penninsula to the World Wide and make you a little familar with the barren lands of the "Yooperland", home of the Yoopers. I extend my thanks to the sponsoring organizations, which are located in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, for helping me put this page together.

I live in Iron Mountain, Michigan located directly north of Green Bay, Wis., right on the border between the states. This is a small town with a population of about 10,000 people in the whole county. I am the Editor of the state-wide chess newsletter, the "Woodpusher", and I am very active in playing tournament chess. I am rated about 1760 USCF, 1736 CFC, and 1715 WBCA. I try to play a lot of chess on ICC and my handle is IronKing there.

My new chess page (JAVA enabled)

This is an even better homepage than this one with many of the chess links you could find. Other pages soon to come!! Go and take a LOOK!!.

NEW !!
Karpov holds FIDE World Title

Karpov vs. Kamsky, FIDE World Chess Championship

Come and see the games at the official FIDE web site Documented!!
Or visit the United States Chess Federation on the web and see the game there.

Karpov - 10.5 vs. Kamsky - 7.5

Improved !!

The Lake Superior Chess Association Web Site

Has moved HERE !

Stop by and see all of the improvements. Many neat links and more...

My Favorite Chess Sites

  1. Chess Space is a good index of Chess sites on the Internet
  2. The NEW Lake Superior Chess Association one of my newest and most improved pages. Stay tuned for more!!
  3. The Lake Superior Chess Association is the home of all U.P. activity.
  4. Internet Chess Club or telnet to ICC to play live games on the net.
  5. The Internet Chess Library is a large database of games and pictures. Also the home of the Free Internet Chess Club.
  6. Internet Chess Archives This site can be a big help to improve the playing ability of all chessplayers.
  7. Chesslinks Worldwide Conatins many different links to chess sites around the World.
  8. Hindu News An excellent site for up to date Chess articles on world-wide events.

Neat Explorers and Scouting Sites

  1. The Iron Mountain Explorers Post 2595, one of the newest Explorer posts in Dickinson County.
  2. Explorers Homepage
  3. Boy Scouts of America
  4. Explorer Post 2000 Homepage
  5. The Virtual Campsite Scouting Pages A handy guide to all sorts of Scouting and outdoor activities.

Other Neat Web Sites

  1. The New Red Green Show The place to go to find lots of duct tape and tons of laughs. An excellent T.V. show.
  2. Dilbert Comics Funny comics, Good site to laugh over :-), other comics at the homepage too.
  3. CNN News Center one of the most interesting news sites on the Internet. Want to know what happened around the world today? Stop and take a look :)
  4. Madison Weather Map is kept up to date on Wisconson and UP weather.
  5. NASA / Kennedy Space Center Homepage
  6. HST Astronomy Pictures Lots of neat space pictures and they are usually very recent findings too!!
  7. Mapquest is the place to go to plan out your vacation. Contains many useful tools.

Some Local Sites

  1. Gardening at Night FTP & News - A neat FTP site to stop and take a look at.
  2. Matt Saul's Home Page has a wide varity of interesting pages. Definitly worth a look - Constantly Updated!
  3. Community Access - Iron Mountain's Provider of local Internet access.
  4. Walden III Iron Mountain's Internet Web Site.

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Justin Ceterski
Copyright 1996

Last Updated: 7/24/96

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